Welcome to Traveling Producers organisation!

You produce quality electronic dance music, would like to play it abroad in front of crowds. Which producer wouldn’t like it? But not all make it happen. The reasons could be different: not having established name yet/ portfolio of many played gigs, not having the right connections, not knowing how to arrange it, lack of confidence while music is definitely good enough to make people enjoy it on a dance floor, not knowing how to DJ/or play your music live…

If any of this sounds familiar and you are ready to invest some money to start living the life of your dreams you could be at the right spot.

Imagine now that it’s not that difficult as it may seem and there are ways to arrange it sooner than you may think.

We help producers like you to kick start their international cariere. We believe that good quality music deserves to be played and the one who made it deserves to be playing it internationally!

How it works:
You send us mixes of your own music or we find it ourselves on soundcloud for example. If you play mixes of your own tracks with other tracks, there should at least be 3 of your tracks in a mix, can be remixes as well.

If you/your music will get our interest, we will register you in our database and will try to arrange a gig for you outside of your own country

Since we organise events from our another venture Traveling Events we constantly have contact with many clubs around the world who could potentially be interesed in you playing there. We will look what are the possibilityes at the moment and if there are options for you to play we wil let you know and if you find it interesing and we get agreement we proceed further to make it happen.

Next to that you may be offered to release your music on our lable Traveling Records.

For more information and finantials please send us email to: info@travelingparties.org