Traveling producers

You produce electronic dance music , would like to play it in front of crowds  and not only in your own city/country but abroad as well. Which producer wouldn’t  like it? But not all make it happen.  The reasons could be different: not having a name yet/haven’t played on many gigs yet that can shown in portfolio, not having the right connections, not knowing how to arrange it all, lack of confidence  while  music is definetly good enouth to make people enjoy it on a dancefloor , not knowing how to DJ/or play your music live and after all maybe not having enouth financial resourses / supposing that it cost more than it can actually be…

If any of this sounds familiar and you are  ready to invest some money to start living life of your dreams you could be at the right spot.

Imagine that its not that difficult as it may seem and there are ways to arrange it sooner than you may think.

We help producers like you to kick start their international cariere.

Of course the most important is that your music is of good enough quality for  a dancefloor but  if it is, pretty big chance we can help solve all other aspects  necessary to play abroad.

Sure, a fair question: what is good enoth? Coz there is no hard line dividing good enoth from not good enouth, and what is good enouth?  Well.  We (let (desition makers at the venues) people) deside that. That desition can be wrong, people make mistakes, (may have bad taste), may not recognize  a genius, not yet. But since we listen to your music for free you won’t risk anything by sending it to us.

If we find your music good enouth you will be registered in our database, and we will keep offering you opportunities to play in a countrys outside of your own, (with regularity depending on a plan you choose) with different financial input needed from you to make it possible. You deside.  This registration is not for free. Look, since we do work to negotiate with clubs, to arrange gigs, listening to your music, and do other organizational work we can’t offer this for free. But we think  that a good way for you to look at this is like: you probably want to make playing live a main source of income, in other words  to make a good running business out of it. And  Its normal to invest money at the startup period of businesses , this period while you build name , portfolio and experience.